PTS provides unique chemistries for multi-metal processes that is the latest generation of phosphating options and replacements. Our diverse chemistry knowledge and partnerships with international companies makes PTS the technological leader of metal pre-treaments in the industry, ranging from aerospace to window manufacturers.

What is phosphate used for?

Phosphating is a popular and relatively simple process that has been used to protect metal from the corrosion for more than 100 years. The phosphating process dates back to 1864 when de Bussy was the first to obtain a British patent in 1864 for the treatment of iron with a mixture of coal-dust and calcium dihydrogen phosphate. In 1906 T.W. Coslett of Birmingham improved the process by adding zinc dihydrogen phosphate to the phosphoric acid and thereby became the originator of a process that is still in use today. Phosphate coatings are used to provide a receptive surface for bonding fabric, wood and other material to steel, however the main application is a foundation for paint.

The three most commonly used phosphates today are:

  • Manganese Phosphate
  • Iron Phosphate
  • Zinc Phosphate


Phos-Prep PP 971 T is part of the range of products that serves as a backbone chemistry for many applications, offering low temperature, zero sludge, alternatives to iron and zinc phosphates the ability to operate as a true multi metal pre-treatment.

Phos-Prep PP 920 is a chrome free alternative pre-treatment for traditional chrome based processes; aluminium and zinc based substances. This offers a no rinse process which makes it cost efficient and an ecological answer to the ever growing waste disposal issue of today.